LeatherLink TanPro - Product Data Sheet

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NO Module Features Control Documents Key Reports
1 Sales Order, PI, Simple Shipment, Pending order report Proforma Invoice, DC Order report – with order status, plan status, ordered, shipped, bal to ship, wip, bal to issue
2 Leather Receipt, Status tracking, Expenses tracking, Supplier analysis, Lot analysis, Reconciliation, Assortment GRN, DC (Purchase return) Leather: Receipts purchase return purchase lot analysis, Bill, Current Stock, Reconciliation, Leather Transaction, Assortment
3 Chemical PO, Opening/reconcile, Receipt, Status tracking, Expense tracking, Hand Loan PO, GRN, DC (Purchase return) PO, Receipts, Purchase return, Expenses, Current stock – chemical, Reorder level, Reconciliation /adjustment, Chemical transaction, Chemical ledger
4 Production Work Order, Job card, Stages, Chemical Consumption (direct issue), Crust Assortment, Fin assortment Job Card, Issue slip Batches in production, Batch history Production analysis, Batch costing, Chemical issue Leather issue Assortment Batch wise usage
5 Multi location Job Work, Chemical Unit Transfer, External Receipt JW DC, Shipment DC Job work sent and received
6 Chemical Planning Master process, Chemical requirement, Production Process, Process Deviation, Process Comparison Recipe Sheet, Costing Sheet Chemical requirement, Chemical planning
7 Leather Planning Article/Grade, Leather Requirement, Purchase Planning, Issues Deviation, Value Analysis - Leather requirement, Leather planning
8 Order Scheduling Article/capacity/lead time, Schedule, Actual/deviation, Weekly Plans, Department wise Plan - Weekly Dye/Finish/Issue Plan
9 Sales Shipment Exports, Documentation, Status tracking, Expenses tracking, Profitability Invoice, Packing List Packing report, Invoice report, Shipment report, Shipment costing, Leather consumption VAT, Chemical consumption VAT
10 Production Planning Operations scheduling, Operations tracking, Machine Utilization, Multiple Locations - Production requirement, Production planning
11 Accounts Purchase, Sales, Taxes, Vouchers, Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet - -
12 Customer Relations Samples, Tracking, Feedback, Customer Access, Customer Historical Analysis, Communication - -
13 Supply Chain Supplier Rating, Pricing History, Supplier Access, Supplier Historical Analysis, Communication - -

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