LeatherLink Technology

Server Technology*
Operating System (On the Server)

Operating System provides security, reliability to the software. Operating System also should be easily maintainable and programmable to manage routine tasks. With these factors in view, LeatherLink is recommended to be run on Linux

LeatherLink recommends CentOS - a clone of Enterprise class Linux distribution provided by a leading Linux vendor.

Operating System (On the Desktop)

Data is valuable asset of an Enterprise Resource Planning system. LeatherLink is built on best and most robust open source Relational DataBase Management System, PostgreSQL which is widely deployed for large/complex commercial applications.

LeatherLink has optimized data storage to ensure consistent, reliable and accurate date. Extensive business logic checking is built into database engine to ensure that information is consistent with business logic.


Scripting Language

We need a robust, actively developed and supported tool for application development. As LeatherLink is focussed on making information accessible to CEOs and Managers from wide variety of devices from a wide variety of networks, we have chosen the most popular Web Application Development langauge.

PHP running as Apache module is middle layer architecture of LeatherLink. Data entered by users are processed, validated and stored in database. Information is fetched from database for preparing reports.

Web server

To serve the application to multiple users and to provide a secure environment for users to access, LeatherLink applications are served by Apache Http Server , the world's leading Web Server

* These are enterprise class Open-Source technologies with business friendly licencing.
Client Application
Browser- Mozilla Firefox (Versions 2.x OR 3.x)

LeatherLink applications User Interface is designed with XHTML, JQuery Javascript framework and Elastic Cascading Stylesheet Framework. LeatherLink Applications make extensive use of AJAX technology to deliver smooth interactivity to users

LeatherLink works with Mozilla Firefox as user interface. Mozilla FirFox is able deliver rich client experience and is available across platforms. Hence, LeatherLink can be accessed from any computer running any major operating system.

Hardware Requirements (Minimum)
Server - Server Class Process (Intel Xeon or better), 2 GB RAM & 160 GB SCSI Disk, DVD Drive with networking
Desktop - PIV or better with 512 MB RAM, modern screen and networking
Network Setup - LAN for Connecting Client computers to Server Computer

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