LeatherLink Service Levels


Support work

Time Commitment

Technical Maintaining the server and keeping underlying applications updated and secure:
  • Linux OS
  • PostgreSQL Relational Database System
  • Apache/php maintanance tasks
  • Ensuring back up of data from the system
  • Fine tuning database system configuration for optimum performance
  • Monitoring database and carrying out routine cleanup activities
  • Remote support through internet
  • Required visits in case of server re-installation or problems which can not be resolved over internet
Usage Support Actively updating and providing usage support to installed modules are essential for deriving maximum benefits from installed modules
  • Work in progress
  • Sub store chemicals
  • Process deviation
  • Production process report
  • Rejection analysis
  • Chemical stock control
  • Delivery performance analysis
  • Remote support through internet for above work
  • Telephone, Email help for clarifications
  • On-site visits once in 2 weeks for reports monitoring and fine tuning of reports customization
Value Analysis Value analysis of key business metrics and recommending change of business process to reduce costs and/or increase income
  • Shipment-wise profitability
  • Purchase lot analysis
  • Chemical consumption vs sales and deviation
  • Chemical consumption vs physical stock and deviation
  • On-site visits once in 2 weeks for value analysis and discussion among users to derive value

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