LeatherLink Certified Professionals - Qualification

Participants for LeatherLink Certified Professional program will be selected based on their Educational Qualification, Leather Industry Experience, Place of Residence and Computer skills.

We will assign points to each criteria for different values. Adding all points will give rating point for the candidate.

  1. Educational Qualification
    a. Plus Two with 80% and above marks 10
    b. Plus Two with below 80% marks 5
    c. Bachelor Degree in Science, Maths, Commerce, CS 25
    d. Bachelor Degree in Language 20
    e. Bachelor Degree in Engineering 35
    f. Masters Degree in Science, Maths, Commerce, CS 35
  2. Experience in Leather industry (Tannery, Shoe Factory, Trading Company)
    a. Two years experience as worker 15
    b. Two years experience as supervisor 30
    c. Two years experience as manager 50
    d. Two years experience in EDP 40
  3. Computer skills
    a. Basic computer usage (Office applications, Internet, Email)20
    b. Business Applications Usage50
    c. Programming, System Admin50
  4. Location
    a. Vaniyambadi, Ambur, Ranipet 50
    b. Melvisharam, Vellore, Chennai 30
  5. English Proficiency
    a. Reading well 20
    b. Understanding well (listening) 30
    c. Writing well 50
  6. Pre selection interview to judge aptitude and attitude (subjective) -- maximum of 50 points

For a BE graduate with 2 years experience as Manager and knowledge of Business application usage having good read/write/speak English skills from Vellore - Total Rating = 275 points + interview

For a plus two pass-out with 2 years experience as worker and basic computer knowledge from Melvisharam with ability to read English text - Total Rating = 90 points + interview

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