India International Leather Fair 2009 Press Release

BSG LeatherLink participated in India International Leather Fair held from January 31, 2009 to February 3, 2009 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Enthusiastic team of BSGians made sure that visitors to BSG LeatherLink's stall in Hall 3 left with a complete view of company's services.

The back wall poster displayed the list of IT services including Tannery Management Software, Footwear Management Software, Chemical Trading Management Software, Agency Management Software and On-line Report View. On the left side of the stall, a view of world depicted the vision of LeatherLink to network the Global Leather Industry.

Presentations on various topics were organized and delivered at the stall itself.

Global companies invest about 2-3 % of their annual turnover on Information Technology to keep their business growing and more profitable. How companies in leather industry can devise a strategy of investing appropriately in information technology systems? How LeatherLink ensures a minimum of 1:10 return on investment for its clients?

These are some of the questions answered by presentations given by Mr. S K Manivannan and Mr. C R Lakshmi Narasimhan who work in senior positions at leading Information Technology companies.

How LeatherLink systems helps companies to analyze contribution form sales at each shipment level is explained in a presentation by S Karthi.

Mr A L Nachiappa's talk on Material Management is widely welcomed by visitors as well as BSG team. He talked about Planning Requirements, Purchase Controls, Inventory Management and Consumption Monitoring. He showed how LeatherLink software helps to keep track of materials in a company.

His Iceberg Theory made everyone sit up and take notice. When you see a report from LeatherLink and notice a discrepancy in data it is time to dig deeper. What is visible might be only tip of the iceberg. As you dig deep, deeper and deepest you can unearth huge hidden opportunities and take effective steps to address them.

Nachiappa's presentation took the viewers through each step of analyzing a disproportionate change in chemical stock to find out where the fault lies.

Over 3 days more than 70 trade visitors came to LeatherLink stall. About 20 companies showed interest in LeatherLink Software and services. Existing clients of LeatherLink gained further insight into the range of company's services and depth of BSG team's talents.

Through this participation, BSG LeatherLink took a big step towards realizing its vision of creating a global Networking Platform for Leather Industry.

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