India International Leather Fair 2009 - Presentations

Sales analysis for profitabiity
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This presentation talks about how LeatherLink Applications can help CEOs to track profitability of each sales.

Leather, Chemicals (Wet End, Finishing), Machine Operations (Wet End,Finishing), Area Loss, Rejection Cost ==>Total Cost

Leather, Accessories, Operations Cost, Rejection Cost ==> Total Cost

Sales Revenue - Total Cost = Operations Contribution

Each number reflects the actual costs with 100% backup data.

S Karthi, BE, Instrumentation Engineer, VP, Business Analysis

Karthi is an Engineering graduate with 3 years operations experience when he joined BSG LeatherLink in 2005

Karthi has led the team in implementing LeatherLink softare in tanneries and shoe units of various types and size in the past 4 years.

Karthi is passionate, committed and a knack for understanding client requirements.

Timings: February 2, 2009 -3.30 pm February 3, 2009 -11 am
Materials - Requirements, Purchases, Consumption
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This presentation provides insight into challenges faced by leather businesses in managing requirements, purchase, stock and consumption of leather, chemicals and accessories.

How much is required, how much is available in stock, how much to purchase?

How much we received, how much is consumed, what is the balance? How to make them match exactly?

What is the difference between Planned vs Actual consumption?

LeatherLink gives answers to these and more for tanneries and product manufacturers.

A L Nachiappa, B Tech, Leather Technologist, Chief Executive Officer

Nachi is a Leather Technologist from Alagappa College of Technology. After working as Production Engineer in Farida Prime Tannery, followed by a successful stint in BASF -India, Nachi joined BSG LeatherLink in 2007.

Nachi is instrumental in value derivation from LeatherLink systems for our clients. He has an eye for cost saving opportunites and helps BSGians in unearthing value from LeatherLink systems.

Timings February 2, 2009 -11 am February 3, 2009 -3.30 pm
Purchase analysis to increase efficiency
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How much is purchased, out of which how much is in what stage? (Receipt, In Stock, In WIP, As Finished, Shipped)

What is the yield in terms of selection, size from different batches from different suppliers from different origin? (Received, Purchase Assortment, Internal Assortment, Final Assortment, Rejections, Usage)

This presentation explains how LeatherLink helps your business to keep on top of purchase efficiency

Ma Sivakumar, B Tech, Leather Technologist, Managing Director

Sivakumar is a Leather Technologist from Alagappa College of Technology. After working for Tata International and BSG Leather Technology Centre -UK in India and China, Sivakumar started LeatherLink in 2002.

Sivakumar guided the technical development and client services of BSG LeatherLink over the years. With a passion for systems management and wide reading of Information Technology trends, Sivakumar helps BSG LeatherLink to provide cutting-edge services to clients.

Timings February 2, 2009 -12.30 pm February 3, 2009 -12.30 pm
IT for business advantage
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How can a business leverage Information Technology solutions to control costs increase efficiencies grow sales volume identify market opportunities and make more profits.

C R Lakshmi Narasimhan, B Tech, MBA, Director and Mentor

CRLN has a masters degree in Business Administration which was built on top of a B Tech in Leather Technology. He has served at senior managerial positions of diverse companies ranging from Financial Services, Trading Services and Information Technology Services.

Currently working as Senior Project Manager in one of India's leading IT services provider, CRLN guides BSG LeatherLink in Project Management, Business Best Practices and Technical Leadership.

Timings February 1, 2009 - 3.30 pm
LeatherLink edge -we make IT happen IT processes, Leather industry expertise Implementation experience
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Developing software to meet the requirements of a business is a complex process. Right from understanding client needs to designing a suitable solution to executing the programming part to ensuring quality standards and finally to make it work for the client is a challenging task.

This presentation explains how BSG LeatherLink follows best practices in software development to deliver cost effective solutions to fit your exact requirements.

S K Manivannan B Sc, PGDM (IIM -A), Director & Mentor

Manivannan completed his management education from IIM -Ahmedabad and since worked in multinationals in Agriculture and Information Technology sectors.

Currently working at a senior position in a transnational information technology major, Manivannan guides BSG LeatherLink to implement and follow effective procedures in Software Development. This ensures maximum value and right quality of software for clients.

Timings February 1, 2009 -11.30 am February 2, 2009 -4 pm

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