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Sales Tracking
Leather Planning
Stock Management

Sales & Shipment Tracking

  • Track orders received from customers with size break up
  • Create packing list and packing slip against customer orders just by mentioning no of cartons and carton size
  • Despatch finished goods against customer orders and generate Delivery challan

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Leather Planning & Purchase Tracking

  • Do requirement analysis and plan purchase of leathers with respect to Bill of Material (BoM) created for each styles
  • Generate purchase orders to suppliers based on plans and receive material against orders raised
  • Track material inwards by generating Goods Received

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Stock Management & Shipment

  • Transfer material to other production units for job works with Transfer DCs
  • Track in-transit material stocks, in-transit loss on a periodical basis

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Leather & Accessory Production

  • Create cutter tickets against customer orders and issue leather and accessories for production against each cutter ticket
  • Track return/consumption of excess leather after cutting process to evaluate individual cutter efficiency

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Quality Control

  • Issue finished goods for inspection and track rejection details against each customer orders with reason for rejection
  • Analyze pattern of rejections for each style during a specific period and take corrective operations in production process


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