Integrate operations across locations

Shoe Factory A has production units in different locations. The units were managed by different partners and professional managers.
  1. There were subtle but important differences in quality procedures followed.
  2. Purchase of materials is localized, resulting in duplication of stocks and to-and-fro transport of materials.
  3. With a lot of difficulties, a stand-alone LeatherLink system was set up in each unit. Users, Managers and Unit Heads were made to buy into using the new system. Control reports related to purchase, production and consumption were generated.
  4. However, the final goal is to have unified processes in all units of the group. LeatherLink Management Systems are eminently suitable to realize this goal. A centralized Server is set up running Integrated LeatherLink Management System in the mother unit. Other units log in to the system through internet
    • Top management is able to get reports covering overall operations of the company.
      Styles, Bill of Material, Sales Orders form the basis of
      • Requirement Planning
      • Purchase
      • Stock
      • and Consumption
      • of Leather/Materials.
    • Each unit is able to manage their purchases, stocks and production individually. The unit heads can access information about other units to check out stocks and production capacity.
    • Material movement from one unit to other is tracked internally in the system eliminating duplication and manual data feeding.
LeatherLink helps Shoe Factory A to unify and integrate operations in multiple units.

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