Redefine the way leather business is done

Tannery C is a successful international tannery business led by innovative CEO. The young managers in the tannery ensure that professional approaches fashioned by the CEO are executed for business success.
The CEO made the right choice in going for LeatherLink Tannery Management Software in 2008. Implementation started in September and complete operations were systemized in record 4 months time. Dotting the i's and crossing the t's are on-going.
  • The comprehensive integrated system will act as a powerful tool in the hands of the CEO and his team in the months to come.
  • Innovative, exclusive and confidential metrics designed by the CEO to monitor day to day operations of the tannery are clearly understood and implemented by LeatherLink team.
  • Accounting of each and every rupee of leather/chemicals purchased, consumed and sold is done in LeatherLink. An elaborate and tailor made process is implemented to trace various complexities in leather processing. The management can know exactly where they stand in terms of numbers every day of their operations.
  • Control monitoring of key parameters in Purchase, Leather/Chemical Utilization and Delivery Commitments are available in the form of e-mail alerts.
  • Drum operations in outside location is tracked and controlled from the central system giving a complete overview of operations to managers at any time.
LeatherLink plays a crucial part in Tannery C's effort to redefine the way Leather businesses are run.

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