Work Efficiently and Report Effectively

Director of Tannery B decided to computerize information processing in their tannery. Catering to the needs of captive production units, the priority areas are on-time/correct deliveries and purchase lot analysis.
  1. Customer Orders, Production Job Cards and Shipment Documents are implemented first. All material coming in and out of the factory is strictly accounted for in the system.
  2. With over 2 years of software usage, the tannery is able to generate exhaustive analytical reports of Sales Orders and Despatches in various combinations. This helps in preparing plans for the future.
  3. Order Age, Delivery Lead Time, Delivery Default for leather in production and leather despatches to customers are closely monitored leading to improved internal controls and customer delight.
  4. Effective utilization of imported raw material is implemented in the system. A strong and firm decision was taken not to mix up leathers from different purchase batches. This resulted in accurate accounting of
    • leather bought
    • grades realized
    • details of issues for various articles
    • details of shipment to different customers
    • stock in various stages
    • rejections as finished leather
  5. Control of chemical purchase, stock and utilization is implemented by developing on the ideas of CEO
    • CEO approval for ordering of chemicals not in use.
    • CEO approval for chemical orders beyond certain value every month.
    • Comparative report of chemicals consumed for all the batches processed in a day.
    • Chemical requirement planning based on Master Process, Stock In Hand and Purchase in Pipeline.
LeatherLink Software helps the team at Tannery B to become more efficient and faster to meet the information needs of Top Management.

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