Modernize to achieve efficiency with a human face

We thank Mr. Sridhar for giving permission to publish this case study
V Sreenivas & Co is a part of traditional business group with varied interests in leather industry. The company opted to implement LeatherLink Management System for their tannery.
A commendable decision was taken to involve the operational staff in computer usage.
  • Staff with many years of working experience are trained in computer usage. The managers and workers became proud owners of business processes.
  • Streamlining of Chemicals bought by V Sreenivas and brought in by Job Work Buyers is taken up as part of LeatherLink implementation.
  • Tonnes of chemicals bought and stored without usage were identified. The tannery could suspend purchase of certain chemicals for 2 months consuming accumulated stock.
  • The server was made accessible over internet using simple Broadband internet connection. Reports are directly accessed from the tannery by Head Office in Chennai.
  • Real time tracking of production operations carried out on a Batch is implemented. Each operator/supervisor entered the Start/End time of working on a batch. This is accessed by the top management real time. Top management could monitor work progress and take corrective action from outside the tannery.
  • Costing for each and every production batch and sales shipments is available with detailed break up of chemicals used, machinery operations carried out and raw material issued.
  • An exhaustive machinery planning system is developed and is ready for implementation in the tannery. With that the tannery would be in a position to make optimum use of available machines for own and job work production.
LeatherLink Tannery Management Software helps to implement the modern management principles of the management in V Sreenivas & Co. tannery.

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