LeatherLink Advantages

Tailor Made for Leather and Leather Products Industry
LeatherLink is managed by professionals from Leather Industry. Special requirements of leather industry are incorporated in the software. Various nuances specific to leather industry have been built into the system.
ERP Software can be accessed over network
LeatherLink has been designed to be accessible over any computer network i.e. Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN). This can be used to provide access to the system anywhere in the world. Multiple computers can access the software at the same time. Multiple user accounts with pre-defined functions and restrictions are available.
Extending the above, LeatherLink can be accessed from a internet server by suppliers, buyers and staff in different locations. This gives option to
  • Maintain a central application and all branches operate through central database
  • Provide pre-defined information access to buyers/suppliers in different locations
  • Access reports and up-to-date operations information by Top Management while travelling
IT Professionals
We have a passionate team of young IT professionals to deliver best technical value to our clients.
Business Friendly & Cost Effective
LeatherLink is provived with the Source Code to you. You are free to study the code and modify it without any restrictions. This gives you greater control over the software.
LeatherLink software is provided as Open Source, there is no single user license cost. Cost of the Software is same for any number of computers connecting to the server.
Service side technology needed for LeatherLink - PHP, PostgreSQL and Apache Web Server are available Open Source. There is no additional expenses to purchase licences for these applications.

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