About BSG LeatherLink

Our Business
If you work in Leather industry, you know the hassles of tracking numerous sample shipments, phone calls with customers, status of hundreds of orders continuously. Add to this travel to cities across continents a few times a year, you have a perfect recipe for stressful business life.
We want to provide a platform, which will enable leather industry to work with modern technologies in this globalized economy. This is achieved by enabling business of leather and leather products design, manufacture and sales to suit the information age
We provide complete IT solutions ranging from analysis of requirements, design & developement of software to day-to-day implementation and usage support covering entire Leather Value Chain
LeatherLink Culture
LeatherLink journey started in the year 2002. We are building the components of networking Global Leather Village.
We strive to become extended arm of our clients' business to deliver value through IT services.
We continuously implement new technology and ideas from various sources including our eminent panel of external directors and advisors.
We have an open, flexible working style.
We encourage and seek diversity in our team. We believe people from diverse backgrounds make a great team.
We have continuous improvement programs for individual team members, team processes and service procedures.
To provide a networking platform for the global leather industry
  • Seamless communication among tanners, manufacturers, brands and consumers
  • Efficient, faster developemnt and marketing of fashion designs each season
  • Industry wired with the latest in information technology
Complete Information Management Services for
  • Tanneries
  • Shoes, Garments, Goods Manufacturers
  • Retailers and Distributors
  • Designers
  • Consumers and other stakeholders of the industry
To enable companies, professionals and consumers of leather industry to be more effective through the use of IT
To provide a rewarding and satisfying work life to the LeatherLink team.
To generate value, comparable to the best in software industry for all stakeholders.
To be a socially responsible corporate citizen

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